Phase 2 Hackathon
On the Way

The evidence submission for phase 1 incentivized testing is now concluded. Thanks for the exceptional performance and contributions! Now you can check out the scores and rankings of all participating teams on the scoreboard page. Please note that as this page is still being updated, it may not reflect the final result.

As phase 1 is coming to its close, we're intensively preparing for the follow-up hackathon to take Interchain NFTs to the next level. Make sure you mark your calendar for this exciting event!

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Partners & Sponsors

Ecosystem Partners

Institution Partners

Technology Initiator

Judges & Mentors
  • Susannah Evans
    IBC Product Lead, Interchain
  • Haifeng Xi
    CTO, Bianjie
  • Shane Vitarana
    Co-founder, Stargaze
  • Jake Hartnell
    Co-founder, Juno/DAO DAO
  • Brian Xin
    Founder, Uptick Network
  • Dayakar Reddy
    Founder, OmniFlix Network
  • Sijie Han
    Solution Architect, AWS
  • 0xUncleLee.Lalaland
    Startup Ecosystem Evangelist, AWS
  • Jeffrey Hu
    Tech Lead, HashKey Capital
  • Johanna
    Associate, IDG Capital
  • ...
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