Game of NFTs
Celebrate the Conclusion!

With the conclusion of the Interchain Hackathon, the exhilarating developer event Game of NFTs has come to an thrilling end! Winners of both two phases have already been announced, welcome to check the complete list here. Big shoutout to all participants, judges, and contributors who made this event a resounding success!

As the curtains fall, we look ahead with great anticipation. The impact of GoN will reverberate for years to come. We hope this journey has sparked new connections and opened doors to exciting new opportunities.

Stay tuned for more adventures as we continue pushing the boundaries of Interchain NFTs!

Game of NFTs
is now concluded
Check out the winner list
Partners & Sponsors

Ecosystem Partners

Institution Partners

Tooling Supporters

Technology Initiator

Judges & Mentors
  • Susannah Evans
    IBC Product Lead, Interchain
  • Haifeng Xi
    CTO, Bianjie
  • Shane Vitarana
    Co-founder, Stargaze
  • Brian Xin
    Founder, Uptick Network
  • Dayakar Reddy
    Founder, OmniFlix Network
  • Sijie Han
    Solution Architect, AWS
  • 0xUncleLee.Lalaland
    Startup Ecosystem Evangelist, AWS
  • Jeffrey Hu
    Tech Lead, HashKey Capital
  • Johanna
    Associate, IDG Capital
  • ...
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