[Blog] Game of NFTs — Phase 1 Wrap-Up & Phase 2 Updates
Celebrate achievements, tackle new challenges, and join the ongoing Interchain Hackathon!
by IRISnet May 12, 2023
[Blog] Announcing the Game of NFTs - Interchain Hackathon
Kicking off the exciting Interchain Hackathon —— The registration and entry submission for GoN phase 2 are now open!
by IRISnet Apr 26, 2023
[Blog] Update on Game of NFTs — Testnets & Hackathon
This blog post provides mid-game updates on GoN Phase 1, including testnet tasks and participation, community-contributed tools, and additional info.
by IRISnet Mar 20, 2023
[Blog] Game of NFTs Incentivized Testing Kicks Off!
This blogpost announces the start of the Game of NFTs phase 1 incentivized testing, and released rules and requirements with more details.
by IRISnet Mar 1, 2023
[Blog] Announcing Game of NFTs - Incentivized Testnet is Open for Registration!
This blogpost announces the start of registration for GoN phase 1 incentivized testing, and provides an overall introduction to this event.
by IRISnet Feb 15, 2023
[Video] This will let you trade NFTs across the cosmos network
This episode talks to Haifeng who created the spec, discussing its implication for Cosmos Appchains and the Interchain ecosystem, sharing updates about the new incentivized testnet and hackathon, the Game of NFTs.
by Chjango Unchained Feb 9, 2023
[Video] Talk about Interchain NFTs
This episode talks to Susannah Evans from the Interchain Foundation, discussing Cosmos NFTs, interoperability, Interchain NFTs and other topics.
by CryptoStream Live Jan 24, 2023
[Blog] Interchain NFT: a protocol for bridging assets between chains
Interchain NFTs enable users to transfer their digital assets across previously fragmented networks, providing the flexibility to choose which chains their NFTs use. No longer beholden to a single chain, users can leverage the unique capabilities and communities of different chains, platforms and apps.
by Interchain Jan 17, 2023
[Video] Cosmos Hub Community Call on Game of NFTs
This is a recorded video regarding of the 4 Jan 2023 Cosmos Hub community call, hosted on Twitter: Game of NFTs - a event for Interchain NFTs.
by Interchain Foundation Jan 6, 2022
[Blog] Interchain NFTs are Coming to Cosmos
This post introduces Interchain NFT Transfer, which brings NFT capability into Cosmos, facilitates interoperability and expands the capabilities of IBC, the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol.
by Interchain Aug 31, 2022